my earliest aircraft and airport photographs


In these pages I present my entire collection of aircraft and airport photographs taken in the 1960s.  I am normally intolerant of websites, books and magazines, etc, that display photographs of poor technical quality unless the image displayed is exceptionally rare. However in these pages case I will have to make an exception for myself, because they are mine and they are all I have from this formative period in my life. 

In these days of instant digital images, one hour colour processing and photographic equipment at a reasonable cost it has to be remembered that until the late 1960s photography was for many in the UK an indulgence.  In those days a high quality camera was expensive and a luxury item for the average family, as was colour film.  Film processing usually took a week and disposable cameras unthinkable in an age when treasuring  the few luxury possessions one owned was the norm .  Taking photographs was mostly a high days and holidays activity, a roll of 12 exposures was expected to last an entire holiday.

The following photographs were taken by me in pre-teen and early teen days on Bakelite 127 or 120 Kodak "Brownie" cameras and latterly a Kodak Instamatic 50, though some towards the end of the decade were taken on a pre-war 120 double lens reflex camera acquired second-hand.  Original prints, mostly small contact prints, approaching 40 years old have been scanned and digitally restored as well as my current skills permit.  I did not take notes at the time, most dates are estimated and some information has been obtained thanks to the amount of detail, much of which is not clear to the eye on the print, that can be pulled out of a high resolution scan.

I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures.  You certainly cannot now go back and see such scenes!


If you have any further information about the contents of these pages, or notice any mistakes, or have any comments/reminiscences of your own about airports and airliner spotting in the 1960s, you are welcome to e mail me.

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