London Heathrow in the 1960s


From the late the 1960s and through the 1970s my dad and I were members of the Kingston and District Cine Club.  The club had periodic exchange visits with other cine clubs in the area. One of the other clubs involved was the Silver Wings Cine Club which was part of the BEA staff association at Heathrow.  This resulted in 1970 in a tour of the BEA maintenance base.  So armed with a camera I thoroughly enjoyed this privileged behind the scenes look (which permitted the photo of the holding point of 28L on the previous page).


cockpit of G-ARPN (45560 bytes)

Although much to my regret I never got to fly in a Trident this visit to the BEA maintenance base did give me the opportunity to walk in and around some.  Here you can see the cockpit of Trident 1 G-ARPN.


cabin of G-ARPN (42385 bytes)

The economy class cabin of G-ARPN looking forward.

This Trident 1C, manufacturer's serial number 2115, was delivered to BEA on the 4th December 1964 and retired by British Airways on the 27th March 1982.  It was then used as a fire training aircraft at Aberdeen.


tail of Trident Two being overhauled (44921 bytes) A Trident Two was undergoing a heavy overhaul at the time.


starboard undercarriage of Trident Two (44689 bytes)

This visit was a rare opportunity to get up close to aircraft I had formerly only been able to view from a distance on the roof terraces.  This is the starboard undercarriage of the Trident Two being overhauled.


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