Isles of Scilly


During the 1960s our family holidays were inevitably in the UK.  However my parents always tried to build in an extra special trip as the highlight of our time away.  During our camping holiday to Devon and Cornwall, in I think 1965, the icing on the cake was a day trip to St Marys on the Isles of Scilly by helicopter.  I believe, though was unaware of it at the time, that helicopters had only been introduced by BEA on the Scilly route the year before and had only recently moved to a new heliport at Penzance.  Our campsite was right next to the heliport so our journey to the terminal was only a few minute's walk! The only other distinctive feature of this holiday I remember is that it was my first introduction to 24 hour film processing (then a novelty) so the pictures you see were developed within days of the excursion.  A helicopter trip and 24 hour processing in one week - gosh, my parents must have been flush with cash at the time!


G-ASNM at Penzance (24255 bytes) BEA Helicopters Sikorsky S-61N G-ASNM on the ground at Penzance Heliport.  Note the sophisticated luggage arrangements!


Hugh Town Terminal (32358 bytes)

The terminal at Hugh Town Airport on St Marys, Isles of Scilly.

My sister and I had a long standing joke with our grandad, who always used to come on holiday with us, that any rickety old building we saw - normally something like a beaten up cowshed - was the local British Legion Club. I recall this terminal got the nomination for the Scilly Islands.


Apron at Hugh Town (29157 bytes)

Passengers disembarking at Hugh Town across the grass apron. I can just make out my paternal grandmother (centre of photo, in light coloured coat) and my maternal grandad (to her left).


return flight to Penzance (26942 bytes)

G-ASNM takes off from Hugh Town on its return leg to Penzance.  The airport's weather station is much in evidence!


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